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A Nobile wedding

No pastiche elegance, asis so often the case, the happiestday of your life, but the realthing. The aesthetic of the goldenage of art, the glories of the past can provide a unique and perfect background for yourmarriageday. Allowyourself the luxury of beingimmersed in the centuries-oldtradition, history and taste of a noble family. The Contucci family still living in the residenceswhich are available to guests. This special personal attentionwillmakeyourweddingday just likeone of the family occasionscelebratedhere.

the day before…


The bride can spend the night on the eve of herweddingday in the Nymph’s Alcove apartmentat Palazzo Contucci (see the website for a description of thiselegant and sophisticated apartment).  The bridegroom and the parents  can availthemselves of twowell-appointedapartmentsbelonging to Gigliola Contucci a mere 300 yardsaway from Palazzo Contucci (  Naturallythisaccomodation can also be used for the night of the wedding,  as a worthy way to end the uniquely special day. The Contucci family willlay on in the rooms somedelicious Vino Nobile aswell,  of course, as …..bubbly!

…the longed-for day has come…


In the morning the bride can be dressed and haveherhairdone in herapartment. Beforemakingher exit from the Palazzo photographs can be taken with the family in theRenaissanceCourtyard by Sangallo and/or the eighteenth-century Sala della Feste painted by Andrea Pozzo.

Stepping out from the Palace


With Palazzo Contucci being right on Piazza Grande, everyyearvisited by thousand s of tourists for itsspectacular beauty, ourguestshave thevery special opportunity of arriving on footat the Cathedral and Mayor’s office, both right next to Palazzo Contucci. The piazza seems more of a stage backdropthan a reality, and isfactoftenusedas a film set (The English Patient, Twighlight) or for commercials   (Mulino bianco, Mercedes…), for theatrical performances, ballets, concerts and a thousandotherevents.  You can for once be the leading lady, the fairyprincesswhostepsacrossherpalace’sthreshold andgoes to meetherprince. How …? On foot, on horseback, in a periodcarriage…letyourimaginationrun wild and yourdream come true!

The Receptiono at Villa Contucci in S.Albino


The eighteenth-century Villa Contucci is situated five kilometres outside Montepulciano.  In the surrounding grounds there is a family chapel, the imposing Carp Pond typical of the noblemen’s villas, a Giardinoall’Italiana with geometric beds filled with brightly-clolouredgerberas, the Boschetto for shade when “the sun is overbearing” with its flowing brook, the Limonaia, the kitchen garden for home produce, and the Orchard, in  spring a riot of blossom and in summer bountiful with plums, cherries, crab apples and pears.

A special occasion with friends and family in this rural idyll guarantees a relaxing atmosphere and unique hospitality. An important festivity celebrated here will provide for ever a memory of beauty such that a mere reminder of that special day will prolong the sense of joy and happiness!

At the present only a part of the interior of the villa can be rented: the two large entrance halls, which form a single space, the dining room, the bathrooms and a private space for the clients.

The three reception rooms can seat up to 80 people or accommodate 90 people for a buffet. The Limonaia can be used as a dining room for the young (up to 30 people seated) or accommodate a further 20 adults sitting down.

The grounds can be rented for large numbers.

There is unlimited guest parking beneath the trees in the Orchard.

The Limonaia


The Limonaia is situated behind the Villa in a delightful small garden. A small and more intimate space, a mere 10 yards from the rooms in Villa Contucci. With its separate facilities it is an ideal place to celebrate with the very young. It can seat up to 30 children. The garden onto which it opens enables the younger guests to “stretch their legs” around in the interval between the courses,  or they can burn off their energy in the adjacent Orchard with its ample spaces for running around and playing.

The Familiy Chapel


The chapel is an ideal, fairy-tale space for anyone who wishes to take the sacred vows with only a few chosen invitees, since it seats only up to 30 participants.

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