Montepulciano is a fascinating and delightful Tuscan hill-top town which, with its stone- and brick-built houses, dominates the Valdichiana and the Valdorcia. The Southern Siennese region has long been recognised as one of the most glorious areas of Italy. A centuries-long inspiration and Muse for innumerable illustrious artists, intellectuals and writers, both Italian and from overseas, this corner of Tuscany has been and remains a haven for people seeking the solace of the metaphysical beauty of its natural landscape, inextricably linked as it is with the mastery of its man-made, medieval and renaissance architecture.
A free city-state during the 14th century, Montepulciano was long fought over by Siena and Florence until, during the 16th century, it became part of the Medici dominion. The town at that time assumed most of its characteristic, present-day appearance: the patrician palaces around the untouched marvel that is Piazza Grande date back to the 1500s. The Contucci family have lived in the palace that bears their name for centuries. From the1700s onwards they spent the winters in Palazzo Contucci and the summers in their country villa at S. Albino, 5 km outside Montepulciano. The family offers to those curious to experience the life-style of an ancient aristocracy the opportunity to be immersed in the age-old magic that permeates and envelops their historic homes.
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