Villa Contucci at S.Albino

The eighteenth-century Villa Contucci is situated five kilometres outside Montepulciano. In the surrounding grounds there is a family chapel, the imposing Carp Pond typical of the noblemen’s villas, a Giardino all’Italiana with geometric beds filled with coloured gerberas, the Boschetto for shade when “the sun is overbearing” with its flowing brook, the Limonaia, the kitchen garden for home produce, and the Orchard, in  spring a riot of blossom and in summer bountiful with plums, cherries, crab apples and pears.

A special occasion with friends and family in this rural idyll guarantees a relaxing atmosphere and unique hospitality. An important festivity celebrated here will provide for ever a memory of beauty such that a mere reminder of that special day will prolong the sense of joy and happiness!

At the present only a part of the interior of the villa can be rented: the two large entrance halls, which form a single space, the dining room, the bathrooms and a private space for the clients.

The three reception rooms can seat up to 80 people or accommodate 90 people for a buffet. The Limonaia can be used as a dining room for the young (up to 30 people seated) or accommodate a further 20 adults sitting down.

The grounds can be rented for large numbers.

There is unlimited guest parking beneath the trees in the Orchard.

Children’s Parties in the Limonaia

The Limonaia is situated behind the Villa in a delightful small garden. It provides a small space which is less formal than the Villa itself. With its separate facilities it is an ideal place to celebrate with the very young. For Birthdays, Christenings, First Communions food can be served inside the Limonaia or in the garden in front, where a pleasant seating area can also be provided for the parents. In the large, open and safe area of adjacent Orchard youthful energy can be channelled into play and healthy running around. The Limonaia can also be used in the context of a wedding as a children’s dining space and can seat up to 30.

The Family Chapel

The chapel is an ideal and special space for anyone who wishes to take the sacred vows with only a few chosen invitees. Baptisms or weddings with up to 30 participants can be celebrated here or such events may take place out of doors in other areas of the grounds.


A wide variety of festivities can e held in the Villa and grounds: First Communions, Baptisms, 18th birthday parties, Silver and Golden Wedding Anniversaries, Graduation or High School leaving parties, Engagement parties… Whatever the occasion, the Villa lends itself for an unforgettable and special celebration to be enjoyed in the elegance which the Contucci family offers and demands for its guests.


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