Itinerary: Music, Art and Vino Nobile
Reception in Villa
Special Offers on request
A Nobile wedding
Residenze Contucci


Montepulciano is a charming Tuscan small town which, with its stone and brick houses, dominates both the Valdichiana and the Valdorcia from its isolated hilltop. According to the enchanting legend about the origins of this town, its first buildings are supposed to have been founded in the Etruscan Age by the legendary King Porsenna. On the other hand there is the more likely historical origin from the “gens romana” of the “Publici”, that’s where the name “Monte Publiciano” comes from.
After being a free Commune during the 14th century, Montepulciano was long contested between Siena and Florence until in 16th century it became part of the Medici Signoria. The 15th century was a century of endless conflicts among the noble families who suddenly and bloodily fought for the power, but this time was important from the cultural and artistic point of view as well. In 16th century the town started to have the modern aspect. It was just in that period that the magnificent Renaissance buildings overlooking the precious Piazza Grande were built.

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